Clinics in Surgical Gastroenterology

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Clinics in Surgical Gastroenterology

A Concise Clinical GI Surgery Manual


“Clinics in surgical Gastroenterology” is the third book authored by Dr Prashant R Rao, who is an accomplished GI-HPB Cancer & Laparoscopic surgeon from Mumbai, India. • History taking and examination is an art which helps the clinician reach a probable diagnosis, thus guiding further investigation and Management. Unfortunately, not much emphasis is given to the same during medical training leading to a lacunae while preparing for practical examinations/Viva-Voce and ultimately in clinical practice. • This book has been prepared keeping the same in mind to help the Medical Student/ Clinician with History taking, Examination, reaching a Diagnosis and planning appropriate Management for various Gastro-Intestinal & Hepato-Pancreatico-Biliary (GI-HPB) diseases. This shall not only be of help while preparing for examination, but also in day-to-day practice • The book has been prepared with guidance from leading GI-HPB surgeons from all over India, Namely o Prof. Puneet Dhar, AIIMS, Rishikesh o Prof. V K Kapoor, SGPGI, Lucknow o Prof. Chetan Kantharia, Seth GS MC & KEMH, Mumbai o Prof. Avinash Supe, Seth GS MC & KEMH, Mumbai o Prof. S. Sudhindran, AIMS, Kochi • All-important GI & HPB cases frequently seen in day to day practice has been discussed in a detailed, comprehensive and systemic manner. For each case we have provided: o Format for History Taking o Justification for each component in history o Format for examination o Example case, Summary and Diagnosis & o How to Proceed • All important and pertinent literature, land mark trials and studies in GI-HPB Surgery have been compiled and briefly described in a systematic disease wise manner in one chapter. The general consensus for controversies in GI surgery has also been discussed. “Clinics in surgical Gastroenterology” is probably the only book available with such a feature. • Also included are: o General format for History taking and work up in a GI case & o Tips for exam going candidates


PublisherBhalani Publishers and Clever Pen Publishing
Published DateOct 25, 2021
Printed Length351