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Award-Winning Collection

by L. Ron Hubbardseries Action Adventure Short Stories Collection 


The magical world of pulp fiction. Explore uncharted, larger-than-life and historically accurate tales from an author who lived his adventures. These are six award-winning titles by one of the world's most published authors, L. Ron Hubbard. Six books, 13 stories in all. "A ‘must’ for his legions of fans and an impressive tribute to his storytelling skills in the heyday of pulp magazine fiction!" —The Midwest Book Review This Collection includes: International Book Awards Winner: Devil's Manhunt, AudioFile Award Winners: The Iron Duke, Sea Fangs, Tomb of the Ten Thousand Dead, and Publishers Weekly Listen Up Award Winners: Spy Killer and The Great Secret.


PublisherGalaxy Press
Published DateJun 15, 2012
Printed Length808