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Blind Trust

by John Feist

$2.99 USD

What good can come of a nationwide power outage? What power can Japan’s first woman prime minister wield—even in her own family? What power play can end a war? Whose business is it, anyway? Brad Oaks, American steel executive, and Amaya Mori-Oaks, Asian art connoisseur, put their family planning on hold to tackle these questions.

In 2022, Japan’s liquefied natural gas infrastructure suffers crippling explosions. Power rationings follow. Tokyo’s lights go dark, and bullet trains don’t go. The New Leaf Democratic Party seizes on this disaster to overturn government complacency and corruption, and installs Yuko Kagono as Japan’s prime minister.

Kagono’s bold plan to exploit natural gas discoveries from either China or Russia sounds good in theory, but she faces stark impracticalities. A Russian deal could cinch peace treaty negotiations stalled for seventy years. But her brother’s business vanity threatens to stifle her plans. If she overrides him, she risks financial scandal. She turns to Amaya—trusted since their college days—for common sense, and to Brad for unbiased, elegant business solutions.

Blind Trust reunites characters from Night Rain, Tokyo in a new geopolitical business thriller that defies conventional thinking. Fresh ideas lead Japan in new directions and Brad and Amaya into deeply personal discoveries.


PublisherWinter Wheat Press
Published DateOct. 27, 2020
Printed Length245