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by Janet Shawgo

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If you are a patient man, all things will come to you…

Aaron Reece Caydon repeats this mantra several times before looking in the mirror at the scar across his face. A furrow begins to grow between his eyes, an anger that takes his mind to a dark and unforgiving place. He has a plan to disappear from prying eyes that would lock him away in a concrete cell. He will have a life, love, and maybe another chance for a family. Aaron has kidnapped Eric Shaw, brother of billionaire Taylor Shaw, and this will set his financial future. Just one loose end:, Zaveen Keens He closes his eyes and her face appears:, the woman who accomplished what no other man has in his entire military and mercenary career. She has reminded him of his carelessness and ability to lose the upper hand. He will find this female agent of the CIA. Aaron has individuals with high- ranking positions in the government that owe him. They owe him favor: some, their very lives. Bevan Benjamin, his ex- partner, and NSA agent, will not be able to hide her from him forever.

Aaron walks away to set his plans in motion. His eidetic memory allows him to remember everything except a haunting memory so deep he cannot reach it. There is a name;, one he should know, one that meant something at one time, but it just fades….



PublisherFive Ladies Press
Published DateMay 1, 2017
Printed Length348