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Your Rebel Life

100 habit hacks for a healthy and happy lifestyle

by Tikiri Herath

$6.99 USD

Do you get pulled in all directions and find your energy depleted by mid-day? Do you yearn to find balance in your life? Get a step-by-step process to create a harmonious, healthy and happy lifestyle today.

Learn from Tikiri, an award-winning author who used the techniques in this book to go from being an immigrant teen, one month away from homelessness, to managing multi-million-dollar projects and traveling the world.

Using a series of easy-to-follow habit hacks, this book will take you by the hand to create the life you desire. This is a workbook that takes you on a journey of self-improvement with exercises in each chapter and space for you to write your answers.

You’ll learn: • The ten easy habit hacks that make change stick. • The ten key pillars that make up your life. • Which pillars of your life need your most focus right now. • How to enhance your physical, mental, relationship, career and financial well-being.

And much, much more!

Your Rebel Life is a life-changing book that’s chock-full of habit tips and techniques that teach you how to add joy and peace of mind to every day.

If you like down-to-earth advice on how to power up all the areas of your life, pick up Your Rebel Life today.

__________________ The Rebel Diva Series

Book 1: Your Rebel Dreams – How to find your purpose and passions to power up your life. Book 2: Your Rebel Plans - How to set goals and create a practical plan for your life’s big dreams. Book 3: Your Rebel Life - 100 habit hacks for a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle.

This book is part of the Rebel Diva series designed for the busy working woman who is juggling everything and wish life had more to give her. Don’t just read self-help. Get the books that will take you by the hand and guide you with a practical process to follow your dreams.

At the back of the Rebel Diva books, you’ll find a link to download the ebook, Bust Your Fears, and the accompanying audio for free, so you can listen and learn on the go!

To learn more, go to www.RebelDivas.com.


PublisherRed Heeled Rebels Group
Published DateJun. 29, 2019
Printed Length346