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How To Start A Podcast

Launch A Podcast For Free With No Previous Experience

by P. Teague

$5.99 USD

Want to set up a podcast but haven’t a clue how to get started?

This book will show you how!

In this complete A-Z of how to start a podcast, Paul Teague, a former BBC radio presenter and the host of over 400 podcast episodes, talks you through the process every step of the way.

Combining 18 years of radio broadcasting experience and 5 years of podcasting experience, Paul has brought together a comprehensive collection of tips, techniques and strategies which you won’t be able to read about anywhere else.

He’ll even show you how you can set up and run your podcast for free!

In this book, you will discover:

- How to plan your podcast using radio show tips which will make your presentation stand out - How to launch your first podcast episodes, even if you hate tech and you’re on a tight budget - How to interview like a BBC broadcaster and avoid common mistakes which all the amateurs make - How to avoid costly, over-technical and unnecessary rigs which will slow down your podcast launch - How to use your microphone so that you sound like you’ve been on-air for years - How to name and list your podcast so that it gets found fast by the search engines - How to deploy ninja tricks to make money from your podcast without ever asking for a dime - How to use time-saving techniques and tools to speed up your podcasting processes - How to plan long-term to ensure you hit 10 episodes, 50 episodes, 100 episodes and beyond - How to find and grow your audience using simple tools which will cost you nothing

This information-packed podcasting guide gives you wall-to-wall, hands-on and practical advice without overwhelming you with science.

If you want to get your podcast started fast - and without breaking the bank - start reading Paul Teague’s ‘How To Start A Podcast’ today!


PublisherClixeo Publishing LTD
Published DateMar. 29, 2020
Printed Length226