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Seed of Control

Generations To Execute

by Lawrence Verigin

$3.95 USD

Nick Barnes is back, setting off a chain of events that uncovers a conspiracy beyond moral comprehension against Earth’s entire population; save a chosen few. The plot has taken generations to develop and it’s on the cusp of being fully implemented. Agrochemical and pharmaceutical industrialist Dr. Hendrick Schmidt and fellow members of the Club lead the scheme with the unerring belief that they are the stewards of humanity and that they alone have the right to decide the fate of the masses. The chase spans continents as Nick and his team work desperately to foil Schmidt and his partner conspirators. But it might already be too late. Immerse yourself in the action and intrigue of this epic thriller that may not be as far from reality as you might think.

2016 CLUE Thriller First In Category Winner 2017 Global Thriller First In Category Winner


PublisherPromontory Press
Published DateOct. 31, 2016
Printed Length353