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Book Bundle: Fear Buster and Your Rebel Dreams

Bust your fears and get your goals

by Tikiri Herath

$7.99 USD

Two Book Bundle! Get two Rebel Diva books in one. With this bundle you will get the Bust Your Fears and Your Rebel Dreams.

BOOK ONE: BUST YOUR FEARS *Get access to the free Fear Buster audio at the back of this book.*

In this mini guidebook, you’ll learn: • What fear is and why we fear fear. • How you can use fear to your advantage. • How to make the right mindset shifts to conquer your worries and limiting beliefs. • Three easy-to-use tools you can apply within minutes to make better decisions faster.

If you’d like a shortcut to busting your fears and making choices with confidence and clarity from a down-to-earth author who has been exactly where you are, you’ll enjoy this book.

BOOK TWO: YOUR REBEL DREAMS Discover your purpose and passions to power up your life

Through a series of introspective exercises, this hefty workbook will take you on a fun and interactive journey of self-discovery to find your purpose and passions in life.

In this book, you’ll learn how to: • Dig deep inside and unveil your purpose in life. • Discover your innate talents and skills. • Find out what passions you hold within you. • Identify the value only you can give the world, so you make a living doing what you love.

And much more!

Your Rebel Dreams is a life-changing workbook that will take you on an adventure where you get to explore the amazing things you’re meant to do. Each chapter has thought-provoking questions with lots of space for you to write your answers.


PublisherRed Heeled Rebels Group
Published DateMay 27, 2019
Printed Length292