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The Race

by Sammy Tippit

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These truths in The Race will send a refreshing from heaven as you read the Bible through the eyes of a runner. They will place you on the path of success as you pursue your life s purpose. You will learn how to overcome life s greatest adversities. But most important, you ll understand what it takes to run the race of life and finish well. As you read The Race, you will cry out with Phidippedes, Nenikékamen! Rejoice, we conquer! The running principles provide wisdom and inspiration for athletic performance and health benefits for readers. The biblical truths direct the reader down the path of spiritual renewal and personal growth. Sammy Tippit uses the imagery of the runner to show the reader the way to build the character, strength and endurance of a champion. It includes testimonies and interviews with Ryan Hall, American record holder for the half marathon; Charles Austin, Olympic and American record holder for the high jump; and Jerry Stovall, former All-Pro football player and former head football coach at Louisiana State University.


PublisherSammy Tippit Books
Published DateMay 30, 2011
Printed Length162