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Develop Web ERP Software

Using Visual Studio 2015 and ASP.Net 4.6

by Bharati Krishna

$19.90 USD

This book will show you how you can develop an ERP application for the web. While writing this book, one overriding objective has been to enable the reader get a Big Picture concept of the entire development process. Accordingly, we have started with explaining designing and programming of forms which is the first part in an application development process and continued with creating data access methods and implementing business rules. After completing this book, a reader should get a Big Picture idea of the development of software applications. A coder or a programmer should use this book to transform himself from being a programmer to a system architect.

The techniques and methodologies used ensures that an application developer will be able to fit new features like business logic, validations etc. into the application in a logical manner. For example, to add web services to this application, the Business Layer methods have to be converted into a web service.

Any good application becomes one, if it has strong foundations. When you build an ERP application using these techniques you are sure of having implemented the latest methodologies of software development.


PublisherVK Publishers
Published DateAug. 13, 2019
Printed Length500