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A Memoir of Dangerous Faith

by Jerry Jenkins, Sammy Tippit

$3.00 USD

Amazing Secrets To Victory: Prayer, Faith, And Courage How would you respond if you faced a life-threatening medical diagnosis? Imagine what would happen if you and your family were threatened by terrorists. How would you handle it if you were told you could not speak about your faith?

The world is rapidly becoming hostile to the Christian faith. Sammy Tippit has preached the gospel on every inhabited continent and faced dark valleys of death more than once. He has preached in the middle of a war in Burundi and faced the threats of terrorists. He has walked into the aftermath of the genocide in Rwanda and lived through the revolution in Romania and the collapse of communism. He had to come to grips with a potentially fatal medical diagnosis and not long afterward stood with followers of Christ in Pakistan after the largest mass murder of Christians in recent history.

When you read Unashamed, you will have enrolled in the most unusual school of your life - one where you are taken from the valleys of despair to breathtaking mountain tops. You’ll gain these awe-inspiring insights:

The sufficiency of grace in suffering. Inspiration to face your greatest fears. The power of prayer to change your most difficult situations. Forgiveness to heal your deepest relationships. Daring faith to defeat the biggest giants in your life. Courage when you hear death knocking at your door.


PublisherSammy Tippit Books
Published DateJun. 3, 2018
Printed Length274