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Make No Bones About It

by Ann Charles

$5.99 USD

“Lively and entertaining! Make No Bones About It is full of action and imaginative plot twists. A rousing good read!” ~Gerri Russell, Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Author of Flirting with Felicity


Welcome to the jungle, a treacherous place teeming with terrible secrets better left buried.

“This dig site isn’t cursed. It’s doomed!”

Ancient History … A small civilization in the Maya jungle suffered a mysterious, bloody ending.

Recent History … A world-renown Mesoamerican archaeologist dug too deep in the same place and wound up dead.

Present Day … Dr. Angélica García has returned to the site of her mother’s death much to the displeasure of Quint Parker, the visiting photojournalist out to win her heart. While Angélica struggles to unearth the secrets behind the Maya site’s dark past, Quint battles to keep the gutsy “Boss Lady” from sharing her mother’s fate.

Will the two manage to unravel the disturbing truth hiding amongst the dig site’s bones before history repeats itself?

“Make No Bones About It delivers page-turning adventure, mystery, and romance! I couldn’t put the book down as I raced to the action-packed conclusion. A must read!” ~Joleen James, Award-winning Author of the Hometown Alaska Men Series

“Fun, sexy, and filled with paranormal twists … I loved it!” ~Kristy McCaffrey, Author of Blue Sage and the Wings of the West Series


PublisherAnn Charles
Published DateApr. 5, 2017
Printed Length389