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Honor Unraveled

Red Team, Book 3

by Elaine Levine

$4.99 USD

Love Isn’t a Battle…

Kit Bolanger, ex-spec ops soldier, has followed the trail of an international drug lord back to his childhood town, the one place he swore never to return. He and his team of terrorist hunters are the only thing standing between the town’s residents and the evil threatening them. It doesn’t help to know that she’s here—the woman who betrayed his trust and shredded his heart.

…It’s a War and He’s Offering No Quarter

Deciding to put roots down, Ivy Banks has brought her daughter home to the sleepy ranching community of Wolf Creek Bend, Wyoming—the one place where she was certain she’d never run into her high school flame. But he’s back, fighting a global enemy and homegrown terrorists in a hidden war that puts their lives and their hearts in jeopardy. He was bad news in high school, and he’s even worse news now.

Surrendering to him is not an option…but it’s the only thing he’ll accept.

Length: Approximately 375 pages Ages: 18 & up (story contains adult content, profanity, and violence) Honor Unraveled (The Red Team, Book 3) is part of a serialized story that includes nine full-length novels and nine wedding novellas. This series is best read in order! Red Team Reading Order: 1) The Edge of Courage 2) Shattered Valor 3) Honor Unraveled 4) Kit & Ivy: A Red Team Wedding Novella 5) Twisted Mercy 6) Ty & Eden: A Red Team Wedding Novella 7) Assassin’s Promise 8) War Bringer 9) Rocco & Mandy: A Red Team Wedding Novella 10) Razed Glory 11) Deadly Creed 12) Forsaken Duty 13) Max and Hope: A Red Team Wedding Novella 14) Owen and Addy: A Red Team Wedding Novella


PublisherElaine Levine
Published DateJul. 26, 2013
Printed Length400